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Refugee Family

This beautiful family have suffered much hardship for their Christian beliefs.
Dad is an evangelist and loves to share about his Savior. Whilst he was hosting
a bible study over tea in a hotel cafe, it was raided by an extremist group
looking for him. They shot & killed one of the pastors & a young convert to the
faith who were with him. Providentially, he was in the lobby of the hotel paying
for the tea and was able to escape. Since their country of origin is primarily
Muslim, it is very difficult to be open about your faith & beliefs.
He was later attacked and almost beaten to death resulting in hospitalization.
Death threats to his family were delivered on numerous occasions to their home-
causing them to flee for protection.
Having fled their home country due to religious persecution, they landed into
South East Asia and filed for refugee status. The family entered the country on
a valid visa but were forced to overstay as they had nowhere to go. Canada
became their only hope.
When 2 members of our church were on a missions trip, they had the opportunity to
meet with this lovely family. The father was at the time being held in a
detention center with terrible living conditions. He has since been released and
reunited with his family after almost 5 years of internment.
Since meeting this family, we have pursued options of how to assist them in
resettlement. Most countries are not open to accept sponsorship, and we are
fortunate that our beloved Canada is one of a few that will.
The family of 6 have completed the sponsorship applications & interviews and are
now awaiting the final process of security & health checks from the overseas
immigration visa office. These must occur before they can arrive here. At this
writing (April 30/2021), we have no idea when the above requirements will be
completed. We ask for you to pray it will happen as soon as possible.
As a church we are committed to sponsoring them and helping them in their
resettlement into a free country where they can share & express their Christian
beliefs freely.
For security reasons names and locations have been withheld. There are still
ongoing threats to them.
According to the AGCRI, a Christian refugee service, the average start up cost of sponsoring a refugee family of 6 in Kelowna could be around $35,000.00.  We have a numerous advantages at New Life Church, because we have a number of pledged donations “in-kind.”  Nevertheless, we all need to help with cash pledges, according to our ability.  Presently, we have somewhere around $9000.00, so let’s make a fundraiser goal of $25,000.00!  
Great news!  A benevolent donor is prepared to MATCH EVERY DOLLAR RAISED up to the first $5000.00.  So let’s aim to bring in $5000.00 by the end of May 2021.  By God’s grace, let’s defy the odds and the Covid threat trusting God as we give.

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