A New Future

In 2022 we crossed over the threshold of a new era in New Life’s history, with our emphatic “yes” to God’s invitation to pioneer a new vision for the church through the building redevelopment project that will bring transformation and Jesus’ influence to our city and beyond.
Behind the scenes, our dedicated development team is diligently working in collaboration with skilled architects and city planners. Together, they are aligning visions, navigating regulations, and gearing up for the important phases that lie ahead.
We want to assure you that every step is being taken with prayer and thoughtful consideration to ensure that our new space reflects both our community's needs and positions us for our mission.
Stay tuned for more updates as we move forward in this exciting journey!

A Church Without Walls

"I saw the doors were open and that the Church building was being used everyday through out the week for kingdom activities… The need in the larger community was going to increase, and that the Church is being called outwards towards the community to fill those rising needs."
April, 2022