Go therefore and make disciples of all nations

Matthew 28:19

“NLC has a profound history of promoting the gospel – both local and abroad.  This mercy and mission has impacted nations across the globe.   While economics and other issues have wounded this heart of outreach,  our aim is to rebuild and restore – both in budget and by vital prayer -- through the grace of God.”

Missions Projects  - The Pervaiz Family

The Pervaiz Family


The family have finally arrived!  They are adjusting to their new country and are thrilled to be here.
Their new accommodation is central and thanks to Sandra (and many others) it is beautiful.
It will take some time for the Pervaiz family to become acquainted to their life in a new culture and learn how to manage everyday procedures such as taking the bus, opening bank accounts, apply for their SIN, and begin the process for B.C. licenses, along with a myriad other details.   After a few weeks, we will be able to assess their level of the English language and enroll them in ESL classes or into adult learning to complete their GED.

The biggest message in this February-March update is to say THANK-YOU New Life Family and THANK-YOU to those outside the body of New Life who support this Project through your love of Donna Petch who was instrumental in introducing us to this family’s need.

Your support is SO APPRECIATED.

Especially  through March,   April  and  May  an  immediate  need  will  be  to  help  with  transportation  to  lots  of appointments.    Please  let  us  know  if  you  are  able  to  volunteer!   Please  call  either  Sandra (250-317-4242)  or  John  (250-862-1394)  so  we  can  help  co-ordinate  this.

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