Kingdom Culture

The Power of Culture

Culture is the most powerful force in the world. It invisibly influences the way we think and live.

Culture is the collective norms of a group or community that is effortlessly and
unconsciously passed from one generation
to the next.

Culture is made up of three base ingredients:
Our beliefs engender our values (what we hold dear)
and our values determine our behaviour (how we act out).  

New Life's Culture


God is Good

Jesus' Blood Paid for Everything

Nothing is Impossible

I am Significant

The Kingdom has come near


God is good

Salvation creates joyful identity

Responsive to grace

Focused on his presence

Creating healthy families

God's word transforms

God is still speaking

Jesus empowers supernatural ministry

His Kingdom is advancing

Free and responsible

Honour affirms value

Generous like my father

Hope in a glorious church


I dream big

I trust

I take risk

I serve

I have hope