Go therefore and make disciples of all nations

Matthew 28:19

“NLC has a profound history of promoting the gospel – both local and abroad.  This mercy and mission has impacted nations across the globe.   While economics and other issues have wounded this heart of outreach,  our aim is to rebuild and restore – both in budget and by vital prayer -- through the grace of God.”

Missions  Projects  -  Food For Thought

           Cheryl  Hoffman  –  Leader

Operating  out  of  New  Life  Centre

We all need to do our part to end childhood hunger in the Central Okanagan.   There are over 5900  children living in food insecure homes and with the help of New Life we are changing that.   Making breakfast part of the regular school day has a powerful effect on kids.   When kids start the school day on an empty stomach,  it's difficult for them to focus and to learn.   Hunger hurts their grades, t heir health,  and their happiness.    Food for Thought also offers students a snack and a meal Backpack Program that ensures a child has food when they are not in school.   Teachers across the district tell us how important those meals are to their students who might not get enough to eat at home, providing not just nutrition,  but a sense of security and stability.   1 in 5 kids in BC are living with hunger.   That's why we need everybody to share their strengths,  so together we can ensure kids have all the meals they need to thrive.    With this partnership we have are able to continue to send out over 3500 meals each week.   New Life is helping take children from poverty to possibility! 

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