Core Beliefs

We are alive to Encounter God, Love People and
see God’s Kingdom Touch and Transform Our World

Our Beliefs form our Values, and
 our Values drive our Behaviour

God is


I Dream Big

Jesus Blood Paid
 For everything


I Trust

Nothing is


I Take Risks

I am


I Serve

His Kingdom has come near


I Have Hope

God is Good > Therefore I Dream Big

This centres on the foundational belief that the fundamental character of God is good. God’s goodness is most clearly expressed in the revelation of the Father whom Jesus came to reveal. The heart of the Father is to release His children into their God ordained destinies which are hard-wired into us.

Nothing Is Impossible > Therefore I take Risk

Jesus defined the full extent of what is possible in His declaration that we were to ask anything in His name (ie. according to His character )with the associated promise that He would do it. Most of what God has called us to be is too big for us to achieve humanly speaking. Because we have Heaven’s backing the believer’s life is marked by stepping out in risk.

Jesus’ Blood paid for everything > Therefore I Trust

Believers have been born-again into Christ Jesus. Because they have been raised up with Jesus into His right standing with God, they share His access to His inheritance. Whilst aspects of the Kingdom will need to have been laid hold of in the believers life, this is done out of a place of rest and trust.

I am Significant > Therefore I Serve

Every single person alive has an infinite value. This value was determined by what it cost God to buy back our lives. The price was the cost of Jesus’ life. Our worth equates to the same as Jesus’ worth. Most people fall short of living out this value but it does not negate the reality of this truth. The ultimate expression of true significance is seen in the example of Jesus, the most significant person alive. He demonstrated true significance in laying down His life for others and serving them into life.

The Kingdom has drawn near > Therefore I have Hope

The Gospel (good news) which Jesus announced to the world was His sovereign reign and Kingdom could be experienced now. The experience of God’s Kingdom come was good news. Because the Kingdom has come we have great hope and life.