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Matthew 28:19

“NLC has a profound history of promoting the gospel – both local and abroad.  This mercy and mission has impacted nations across the globe.   While economics and other issues have wounded this heart of outreach,  our aim is to rebuild and restore – both in budget and by vital prayer -- through the grace of God.”

Missions Projects - Children's Home Colima, Mexico

Pastor Nahum Gutierrez – leader

The Hogar de Amor y Proteccion al Nino  (Home of Love and Protection of Children) was begun in the early 1990’s,  New Life being integral in its very establishment.  Thus it is our oldest project.  Located in Colima,  MEXICO  (and about the same population as Kelowna).    From humble beginnings in a rented house,  ministering to children whose parents were in prison,  Hogar now has over 10 separate residences spread over 3 different states.    At any given time, around 160 children are in their care.    A major boon was the establishment of the Adonai School, an associated ministry of the mother church, where all the children receive a top-notch education.   Many of the earliest children have now graduated and are working productive jobs.   Many others are in post-secondary education.   The total amount of accumulated “good” from these institutions of love is vast and incalculable.    There is so much more to say here – the various Colima-Kelowna marriages, the travel between the two churches/communities – it would fill up several volumes.    New Life is one of many proud sponsors of the work of the Hogar de Amor.”

Video:    Hogar de Amore  (Home of Love)
A   video  tour  highlighting  many  of  the  compassionate  works that  this  vital  ministry   provides.

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